How Leaders Think

What really inspires me is the search for continuous improvement at every level. Even though it sounds naïve and simplistic, I choose to believe that everyone wants to be a part of something great. One person cannot do everything, so I promote and provide resources to teachers, which empowers imaginative and creative people.
-Trevor Greene

Great teachers ( with tools and resources ) = Great results ( top school with toppers in every field )
-Queensland School

These resources are best for effective Teacher Empowerment.
-Rahul k. 

Empowering Students through Empowered Teachers
-Rekha Menon

Empowering Teachers As Leaders – Teachers can be uplifted through empowerment; this encouragement will allow them to flex those muscles that perhaps have been allowed to atrophy.
Paul M. Terry

The contribution of teachers to student learning and outcomes is widely recognised. A teacher’s effectiveness has more impact on student learning than any other factor under the control of school systems, including class size, school size, and the quality of after-school programs.
Melinda Gates

Empowered teachers get little something extra as a bonus, increment, designation, appreciation.
Archna Sharma