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School of Educators is one of Internet’s most popular sites for teachers, featuring tools and resources that save educators time and make learning fun for students in grades K-12. Resources include a vast online library of lesson plans, worksheets, CBSE resources, teachers and students gifts, question papers, printable books, online digital classes, DVD and many more to help teachers enhance student learning, meet national and international educational goals, and manage their teaching lives and classrooms with ease.

School of Educators understands how valuable time is for teachers, so we highlight the finest content for each subject, class, and must have. Printable books are compilations of the best materials within every topic studied in today’s classrooms. Plus, the search function is easy to use, allowing teachers to drill down from the general to the specific until they find the perfect resource for their students.

School of Educators strives to be every teacher’s trusted source of instructional resources.

Some Advantages:

  • Downloading the resources from internet is costlier than the resources available here. Cost of 3G, 4G bandwidth to download 10 GB data is close to Rs. 1500/- and will take about 100 hours. The same resource you get here for only Rs. 199/-
  • Resources for Principal, School Management, Junior teachers, PGT, TGT, PRT, Sports teachers, Kindergarten teachers, Academic Coordinators and supervisors, Students etc.
  • Data can be used on Tablets , mobile or computers.
  • Teachers smart stick by school of educators to carry resources all the time.